This mod adds the aircraft carrier and heist yacht in Single Player. It also makes all of the interiors from the High Life Update and Heist Update be avalable to be loaded with an asi script in Single Player. Another thing it does is makes the updated high end apartment exteriors load. You can enter the updated apartment lobbies, and parking garages.

Feautures :

-Update minor map updates in the country side.
-Figure out why the mod won’t work for some users who have the Social Club version. (Social club replaces modded rpf’s with stock.)
-Find a way to get the game to load the files from their original location so the download is not 1.4 GB (and increasing with each update.
-Proper colisions in the parking garages and lobbies.
-Remove invisible walls, like the one blocking the doorway to Martin’s ranch, or the one blocking acess to the town in North Yankton.
-Add some beta interiors that TaazR found.
-Proper acess to the High Life Update garage interior that I found.
-Restore AI to the Police Station
-Fix a lod bug with the Police Station interior, and the Rock Club interior.
-Clean up the map more so there are zero duplicate models.



How to install:

You will need OpenIV, Script Hook V, and also Open All Interiors v3 (recommended) or IPL Loader (an alternative for downloading an aircraft carrier and a yacht);
Important: Open All Interiors v3 has not yet been released, yet use the IPL Loader. The author deliberately indicated it in the readme before, so as not to update the archive to 1.3 gigabytes due to the readme alone after the release of v3.
Install Script Hook and OpenIV;
Put the update folder from the mod archive to the root of the game (if you have a Steam version) or create a mods folder in the root of the game and put the update folder there (if you have a box version or the version of the Social Club);
Start the game (if you are using the IPL Loader, press F5 and load the aircraft carrier and yacht, the yacht is to the west of Del Piero pier, and the aircraft carrier is southeast of Los Santos).

Download Links:

 v0.4 (current) :!PR8VCKJK!HJ0SpbkpjvIUPzsXizIhKZiXD77pB7uIgeNVNtZArjU