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Hellboy's Revolver [Animated]

Okay, so a little different than Hellboy’s Samaritan… but better if you ask me. Instead of a 22mm, four-round revolver, this is a .90 caliber, nine-shot revolver… so hang on for dear life.

Note: Hellboy’s Samaritan is a .866 caliber revolver, and the gun in-game is actually a 6-shot to eliminate the need to change other files. Plus, the revolver in-game is more of a .44 cal, not a .90 cal, but it makes for a cool backstory.

Must not have any other mod that replaces the Heavy Revolver.
Possibly Script Hook V (Alexander Blade)

Installation and credit text files are included in the download.

Working hammer
Correct hand positioning
Correct iron sights location
Working rotate-out cylinder



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