Download Helmet Control 0.2 – Screenshots and Description:

Helmet Control 0.2

Now with helmet switcher and permanent mode!!

Ver 0.1 – Super simple script enable/disable helmets –
Ver 0.2 – Enable/disable + cycle helmets + permanent-

Tired of your character magically summoning a helmet when you hop on a motorcycle? How about when you jump in a Chopper?
Preventing you from switching views? Obstructing or tinting your vision in first person?


Lua plugin for Scripthook V
Asi loader (dsound.dll or other)


; remove helmet and stop helmets from appearing

‘ enable helmets

-advanced version-

] cycle helmets (currently crudely implemented, so some characters may end cycle early)
cycle helmet texture (only some helmets have more than one texture)

My programing is rusty and weak, so I’m open to suggestions for improved code.
I am also open to suggestions for the mod.


Civilized Mayhem

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