Download Hero Health & Armor Regeneration [LUA] 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Hero Health & Armor Regeneration [LUA] 1.1

This is an edited version of mman0385’s regen mod (link below). I give him full credit for his work. I made only a few minor tweaks for a different experience.

Now includes 2 files: one for fast regeneration (like in the video) and one for a slower, more balanced regeneration. Use only one at a time.

1) Requires Script Hook V and LUA plugin
2) Place file into Grand Theft Auto Vscriptsaddins

Health and armor regenerate steadily after only a few seconds outside of combat. Regen delay and rate for both health and armor are constant and in small increments, so long as you don’t get shot, you will steadily regenerate both armor and health fairly quickly, in that order. Great for riot modes where you are being shot more than normal or if you have set your cops to uber and need a stronger defense, but don’t want to be totally invincible. Works great for any hero character, but keep in mind, you are vulnerable to successive damage. Take on the city and upload your rampage to a video.

Works great with these mods:
Ped Riot/Chaos Mode
Riot Editor for ‘Ped Riot/Chaos Mode
Bullet Impact
Kill Counter Rewards


Buddha Wiser

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