Download High rise motors (finished) (Fivem / SP) 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

High rise motors (finished) (Fivem / SP) 2.0

High Rise Motors For GTA V SP and FIVEM

This add-on only add things into the GTA V map its-self. This doesn’t change anything in the map/ replace things.

Any questions about this map feel free to message me i am active most days!

This map was made by me Snaily#8397, do not re-upload without my permission. There will be bugs ofcourse as this is my first ever map.

This dealership is like no other, this supports anything you would like! Bikes, cars, trucks anything. This is a solid sturdy structure so do not worry it will not collapse and fall down the hills…

To load all the props properly you must have these listed below installed.

1. Map Builder

2. Map Editor

To install the map you must have a mod folder made. Here is the tutorial,

1. Open the GTAV folder

2. Access your GTA V game files with OpenIV, make sure Edit Mode is ENABLED

3. Using OpenIV drop map1 folder into your mods folder under
mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks

4. Using OpenIV navigate to
mods > update > update.rpf > common > data > dlclist.xml

5. Right click dlclist.xml then “edit”

6. add this line of code at the very bottom of your dlclist.xml then press save

For FIVEM follow the steps below:


1. Open FiveM folder

2. Drag and drop the map1 folder into your server “resource” folder.

3. Start resource in your server.cfg



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