Download Holjes Rallycross [Add-On SP / FiveM] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Holjes Rallycross [Add-On SP / FiveM] 1.0

Holjes Rallycross custom racetrack for FiveM and GTA V.
Holjesbanan, also known as Holjes Motorstadion, is a rallycross circuit situated in the village of Holjes. The circuit opened in February 1976 and is one of the most famous rallycross circuits in the world. Traditionally held over the first weekend of July the venue plays host to the ‘Magic Weekend’ of rallycross when it runs the Swedish round of the European and World Rallycross championships.

Installation instructions

Please have a “mods” folder created already and have
a basic knowledge on how to install GTA V single player mods.

1. Open the GTAV folder

2. Access your GTA V game files with OpenIV, make sure Edit Mode is ENABLED

3. Using OpenIV drop holjes folder into your mods folder under
mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks

4. Using OpenIV navigate to
mods > update > update.rpf > common > data > dlclist.xml

5. Right click dlclist.xml then “edit”

6. add this line of code at the very bottom of your dlclist.xml then press save
dlcpacks:/holjes/ (WITHOUT THE SPACES)


1. Open FiveM folder

2. Drag and drop the holjes folder into your server “resource” folder.

3. Start resource in your server.cfg

As always, thank you for supporting.

Any questions feel free to contact me

X = 203.0137, Y = 145.3555, Z = 219.0021

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