This content is about a mod for GTA V that replaces the default loading screens with Honkai Impact 3rd wallpapers. To install the mod, users need to use OpenIV, Code Walker, or any other RPF editing tool. They should navigate to update/update.rpf/x64/data/cdimages/scaleform_frontend.rpf and add all the ytds files from the mod there. After that, they need to defragment the RPF and the installation is complete. It is important to install the mod in the mods folder if playing multiplayer to avoid being banned. The mod was created by Vampire and can be downloaded from the provided link.

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Honkai Impact 3rd Loading Screens

Honkai Impact 3rd Loading Screens

This mod replaces default loading screens of GTA V with Honkai Impact 3rd Wallpapers.

Goto OpenIV or Code Walker or whatever you use for RPF editing.
Head to update/update.rpf/x64/data/cdimages/scaleform_frontend.rpf and drop all the ytds inside this rpf.
Defragment the RPF and done.
Make sure you install it in mods folder if you play Multiplayer too else you will be getting ban ????



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Considering that there are numerous mods available for Honkai Impact 3rd, it is essential to specify the specific mods for a more accurate comparison. However, I can provide a general comparison between the Table Honkai Impact 3rd Loading Screens Mod and other similar mods based on various aspects.

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1. Loading Screen Variety:
– The Table Honkai Impact 3rd Loading Screens Mod offers a wide range of loading screens featuring characters, artwork, and scenes from the game. It focuses on showcasing the aesthetics and visuals of Honkai Impact 3rd.
– Other similar mods may also provide a variety of loading screens but with different themes. For example, some mods may focus on adding loading screens featuring fan art, cosplay, or crossovers with other franchises.

2. Quality and Design:
– The Table Honkai Impact 3rd Loading Screens Mod aims to maintain the original art style and quality of the game while providing new loading screens. The modders ensure that the added loading screens blend seamlessly with the game’s overall design and aesthetics.
– Other mods may vary in quality and design. Some mods may feature artwork or designs that diverge from the game’s original style, offering a unique visual experience for players.

3. Customizability:
– The Table Honkai Impact 3rd Loading Screens Mod is primarily focused on adding loading screens to the game. It may not offer extensive customizability options apart from selecting and displaying loading screens.
– Other mods may provide additional customization features and options. For example, some mods enable players to choose specific loading screens for different game modes or characters, allowing for a more personalized experience.

4. Compatibility and Updates:
– The Table Honkai Impact 3rd Loading Screens Mod, like any mod, may require specific compatibility guidelines or updates to work correctly with the game. Users may need to ensure they have the correct game version or other mod dependencies.
– Other mods may also have differing compatibility requirements and may need regular updates to remain compatible with game updates and patches.

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It is important to note that the comparison may differ based on the specific mods chosen for comparison. Additionally, modding communities for different games often differ in terms of mod availability, support, and overall user experience, so it’s essential to research and read user reviews or testimonials to get a better idea of each mod’s unique features and user satisfaction.
Honkai Impact 3rd Loading Screens
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