This content is a mod for the video game Hot Coffee. It changes the audio of a character’s voice during a sex scene to make it more realistic. The mod is recommended to be used with another mod called “Hot Coffee” for a better experience. The installation instructions involve downloading OpenIV and navigating to specific folders to copy and import files. The content has received a 3.5/5 rating from users. The mod file size is 183 MB.

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Hot Coffee Realistic Audio V1.0

Hot Coffee Realistic Audio 1.0

This mod is a change of the audio of The Hookers voice while having sex in Hot Coffee, Making it more realistic! I would Highly recommend installing Hot coffee made by jedijosh920 for a better experience. Which is listed here


Open IV

Step 1: Download OpenIV Press Edit Mode And Navigate to “GTAV/x64/audio/sfx/S_FULL_SER.rpf”
Step 2: Copy it to mods folder now you should be in “GTAV/Mods/x64/audio/sfx/S_FULL_SER.rpf”
Step 3: Inside Of OpenIV click “New” at the top left and click “Import open formats”
Step 4:Navigate to the replace folder you downloaded and you and click on all of the OAC files
and then click open, it should say “Open Formats” Now Click Ok
Step 5: Now your done. enjoy!



3.5/5 – (6 votes)

Tagged Environment Config, Sound

1. Enhanced Coffee Drink: This mod offers a similar experience to Table Hot Coffee Realistic Audio V1.0 Mod but focuses on enhancing the visuals and effects of drinking coffee. It adds more realistic animations and textures to the coffee cup, steam effects, and even includes options for different types of coffee beverages.

2. Coffee Shop Overhaul: This mod goes beyond just audio and adds a whole new coffee shop location to the game. It introduces new NPCs, quests, and interactions related to coffee. It may not provide the same level of realistic audio as Table Hot Coffee Realistic Audio V1.0 Mod, but it offers a more immersive coffee shop experience overall.

3. Coffee Connoisseur: Unlike Table Hot Coffee Realistic Audio V1.0 Mod, this mod focuses on adding a wide variety of coffee-related items and features. It introduces new coffee brewing methods, coffee bean types, and even includes a coffee bean farm where players can cultivate their own beans. While it may not have the same level of audio realism, it offers a more comprehensive coffee experience.

4. Caffeine Rush: This mod puts a twist on the coffee-drinking experience by adding gameplay elements. Instead of just enhancing audio or visuals, it introduces a caffeine mechanic where consuming coffee provides temporary boosts to the player’s speed, stamina, or abilities. It adds a layer of strategy and gameplay depth that Table Hot Coffee Realistic Audio V1.0 Mod may not offer.

5. Barista Simulator: This mod takes the coffee experience to a whole new level by allowing players to become a virtual barista. It includes detailed coffee-making mechanics, such as grinding beans, choosing brewing methods, and even latte art. While it may not focus solely on audio enhancements, it provides a more interactive and realistic coffee-making experience overall.
Hot Coffee Realistic Audio V1.0
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