The content is about a prop pack for Menyoo photography in the game GTA 5. The pack includes three champagne packs: V1.0, Ruby, and Gold. The file size of the mod is 23 MB and it can be downloaded. The model was created by GregoirePopineau and converted by crowded#1337.

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HOXXOH Champagne pack V1.0

HOXXOH Champagne pack V1.0

A simple prop pack for Menyoo photography.

Install in (mods)/x64c/levels/gta5/props/lev_des/lev_des.rpf/

p_watch_01 – Ruby
p_watch_02 – Gold Gold
p_watch_03 – Gold


Model by: GregoirePopineau
Converted by: crowded#1337

Download mod

File File size
23 MB

Tagged Prop

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HOXXOH Champagne pack V1.0
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