Download Huge villa – Ultra detailed 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Huge villa - Ultra detailed 2.0

?This mod adds an impressive villa, very detailed, surrounded by a forest and a lake, furnished properly…

?This is the result of three days of work and more than 4 hours for editing the video.

?There is:
-A garage
-A hall
-A dining room
-A Full kitchen
-A Game room
-A Gym
-A Room with jacuzzi
-A closet
-Two terraces
-Swimming pool
-A bathroom
-A desk
-A Shielded room
-A living room
-A bedroom
-A dressing room

?It is located in Blaine county, east of the Alamo Sea after the impasse across from Trevor trailer.

?The pool depth varies because the lake water rises and falls continuously.

?Installation instructions in the archive.


Guadmaz ?For its perfect map editor.
GTAMultiplayer Team ? For the object spawn unlocker
scorz ? For files object.ini of valids objects.




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