Download Hydra: Air Superiority [Add-On] 1.1 [Add-On] – Screenshots and Description:

Hydra: Air Superiority [Add-On] 1.1 [Add-On]

Plug-ins: OpenIV e OpenIV.asi (RPF)

Version 1.1 [ Add-On ]

– Add-On method by PANICO TOTAL.
– Hydra / P-996 Lazer model: Rockstar Games.

a) Fighters in Add-On: Hydra Air Superiority / P-996 Lazer Advanced Fighter.

b) Missile-3D / Custom Weapom Add-On: by PANICO TOTAL


1- Drag and drop the “fightersgtav” folder, in the following location:

Grand Theft Auto V(mods)updatex64dlcpacks

2- Then edit the dlclist.xml file located in:

Grand Theft Auto V(mods)updateupdate.rpfcommondata

3-and add the following line in:


4- You need a trainer to spawn the Vehicles

Name airplane spawn in game:

Lazer Advanced Fighter lazeradv
Hydra Air Superiority hydraspf

Version 1.0 [ REPLACE ]

1- What adjustments were made in the model:

– Color: Air Superiority
– 6 Missiles launches in game
– Added: 4 Approach Lights: Green / Red / 2x White
– Rear side burner outlet plate is the same color as the main combustion outlet

2- Missile-3D Add + Custom Weapom: 8X Range / 8X Speed

3- In Folder: Backup

4- This is a version that I reset, initially was designed to use with the mod:

(Attention is optional, in case you want but realism in game.


Panico Total / Rockstar Games

Download mod

File File size

rarHydra [add-on] v1.0

4 MB



Something You Should Know:

  1. We do not modify or edit the files in any way.
  2. We use only links from the official developer, they are 100% safe.
  3. If you have any questions about Hydra: Air Superiority [Add-On] 1.1 [Add-On], please leave a comment below and we will help you.

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