Download IDE2YTYP 0.1b – Screenshots and Description:


This tool can convert IDE files from GTA SA/3/VC to .xml.ytyp GTA V format.

Based in a GTA SA IDE to GTA IV IDE script written by my friend OxaKromax.

Note: ODR files must be GIMS EVO exported ones.

It supports:
– OBJ.

1- Put all your .IDE in ALL folder.
2- Put all your .ODR in ODR Folder (It only need .odr files, folders of them aren’t necessary).
3- Open start.bat
4- Press 1 to convert.
5- Check Generated folder to see your generated files.
6- Import them using OpenIV.
7- If you want to convert the same files again, press 2 to delete generated ones to avoid issues with the script.

Changelog 0.1b
-Now you can use MetaTool and CodeWalker Explorer v30dev1 to compile the file.
-Added a missing value “bsRadius”.
-Now it only supports exported GIMS EVO files, for now it doesn’t works with exported ones from OpenIV.


MrVicho13 and OxaKromax

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