I personally love the Deluxo and thought it should have rear window louvers, like the classic DeLorean had, and support for multiple liveries, so I’ve added both!

Now, learn more and get the Mod – Imponte Deluxo V1.9 !


1.9 Update: Dirt mapping fixed, tuning parts mapped for livery (only the ones that use primary or secondary color)
1.0 Update: Liveries now working!

This has all the features and functionality of the normal Deluxo, but with added features:
– Rear window louvers (toggle ‘extra 1’ on or off with a trainer)
– Livery support plus 13 included liveries I made
– Livery template so you can make your own

I modeled the louvers myself and I tried to base them mostly on the classic DeLorean louvers, but given the shape of the Deluxo’s back window, I had to make some changes and took inspiration from various images of other louvers I found on Google.

Known Issues:
– The livery template isn’t perfect, but there’s not much I can do about that as it’s a Zmod3-generated image, so small adjustments may be needed when making your own liveries. Some of the ones I made show evidence of this, and I’ll fix them when I get the chance.

Also, shout out to WildBrick142 for helping me with the IDs I had no idea about, thanks!

Feel free to add videos/screenshots of your own liveries on the Deluxo if you want, I’d like to see them!




Good job 😀

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1568897948