Download Impotent Rage V 1.3 – Screenshots and Description:

Impotent Rage V 1.3

UPDATE 3 Changelog:
-Added Target Box
-Added Forearm Rockets
-Added Super Speed
-Added Super Jump
-Added Super Melee
-Added checks to enable Heat Vision, Forearm Rockets, and Flying Controls only when flying, no longer conflicts with normal game controls
-Now 100% compatible with general gameplay (Haven’t tested missions)

This LUA mod is currently made for controller use ONLY, keyboard/mouse version coming next update!

This mod is only active while you are Impotent Rage.

This mod requires LUA.asi (v9) and ScriptHook to be installed

Place ImpotentRage.LUA in your Scripts/Addins folder

Features and Controls (360 Controller Buttons):
Spawn Impotent Rage – Hold R3 + Click L3
Enter Flight Mode and Gain Altitude – Hold X + Hold L3
Gain Altitude – Left Stick Down
Fly Forwards – Press/Hold RB
Fly Forwards Faster – Hold RB + Hold L3
Fly Backwards – Press/Hold LB
Fire Heat Vision Laser – Press/Hold RT
Fire Forearm Rockets – Press/Hold LT

Disable Mod/Return to Franklin – Hold R3 + Press DPAD DOWN

Steer with Left Stick

Spawn Impotent Rage/Disable Mod while standing


Gamepad Control Codes Included in README.txt



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