Download Improved Hulkbuster – Screenshots and Description:

Improved Hulkbuster

First and foreleast this was originally created by jr59.

For beyond satisfying-satisfaction, use with JulioNIB’s cracker Iron-Man mod.
Because who would want to walk around like an ordinary citizen?

Seems like Tony has ditched his arc reactors for solar energy. However, it is totally impractical when repulser beams are needed and all you get is zip. Nada.
So out of his grandparent’s basement Spud created a couple of arc reactors and installed those suckers into a freaking flying tank.

This mod gives the Hulkbuster arc reactors and repulser textures. I’ve also given it a new paint job. Foot and hand repulsers are correctly positioned for superior comfort whilst in flight and general aesthetic appeal.
At the moment, it is only for the “normal-sized” Hulkbuster. Make sure you rename the original HulkBusterN files to Hulkbuster

Firstly download and install jr59’s Hulkbuster .



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