“If you ever lived in San Andreas, chances are, you were conceived in one of these, sat in one of these or got shot in one of these at least once in your life. One of the few efforts of the drug war era the gov’t is still willing to pump money in, the Stanier is the red-and-blued death cage in the world of over-illuminated crumple-zone-mobiles. Blame the nostalgia”
Ah yes, another 2nd Gen Stanier mod, as if we don’t have plenty of those… Anyway! This is a mod which takes the base game LSPD and LSSD Stanier’s and improves them, having more resemblance to their CVPI counter parts.
I always liked the base model from the vanilla game, but personally hated the default lighting set-ups, having fixed LEDs with a secondary rotor lightbar etc. In this mod, you’ll get both old and modern Stanier variants, each with their own unique details, all in one model.


 Improved 2nd Gen Stanier model, with various additions and bug fixes
 Enhanced police equipment and vanilla lightbars, inspired by the MX7000 and FS Arjent
 Both an early/mid-2000s and 2011 Stanier model variants in one
 Added Interior details and extras
 Includes LSPD & LSSD variants, also an Unmarked Detectives Stanier
 Lore Friendly CVPI style hub-caps and Steelie wheels
 Optional models and textures that will revert all cars to their original vanilla look!
Option to have the LSPD and Unmarked models with steelies instead of hub-caps
No Addon or DEV model this time, as this was intended for those who just want better replacements for the basic police, unmarked, and sheriff slots.
Model uses the vanilla lighting, Non-ELS and it will stay that way! So please don’t ask for an ELS conversion, I have no interest in working on any ELS models

Installation instructions and a full changelog are provided in the “Readme” file included

– Rockstar Games – Original Car Model, Textures, & Vehicle Parts
– Fenton – Improved 2nd Gen Stanier & Parts
– 11John11 – Unmarked Stanier Base Model
– Vx5 Voltage Enhanced LED lightbar & Lore Friendly MX7000
– Vx5 Voltage, AlexanderLB – Lore Police Computer & Textures
– Vx5 Voltage, Voit Turyv, AlexanderLB, Skitty – Interior Equipment & Textures
– Vx5 Voltage, Monkeypolice188 – CVPI Style Steelies
– 11John11 – Lore Friendly Setina PB200 Pushbar
– 11John11 – CVPI style Hub-caps
– OfficerFive0 – Dev Campaign Hat
– MyCrystals! – Description

I have left this mod unlocked for anyone to use. Just please provide proper credit to myself and the original authors listed in these credits.




Hope you like and share  it 🙂

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1569124370