In Minecraft, zombies are commonplace. They are probably the aggressive group you will run into the most when exploring dark tunnels and going for a stroll in the rain or at night. Because of their influence on the game, zombies can potentially affect and overtake villages. Here’s how to make zombie villagers in Minecraft or how to treat them.


The best way to make a zombie villager
Their faces reveal the distinction between a typical zombie and a zombie villager. They can become a regular Villager again if they possess the visage of one.

A zombie must attack a villager in either Normal or Hard difficulties in order to turn them into zombies; it is impossible at Easy difficulty. Every time the Zombie strikes the Villager, there is a 50% probability of transformation on Normal and a 100% guarantee on Hard. The most effective approach to accomplish this is to visit a village at night and break down a wooden door on a residence occupied by villagers.


There is a 5% chance that a Zombie Villager variety will spawn in the wild when a regular Zombie hatches, therefore be careful not to unleash Zombies on Villagers. Additionally, there is a 2% possibility that a village would generate as an abandoned one, populated by zombie villagers. read more  how to cure a zombie villager