This content is about a mod for the game GTA 5 that allows players to increase the traffic density in the game. The mod comes with installation instructions and requires the installation of other mods as well. There are several updates and changes made to the mod to improve stability and compatibility with different versions of the game. The content also mentions that if the game crashes, the player may need to reduce the density in the graphical settings. The file size of the mod is 4 MB.

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Increase Traffic Density 1.5

Increase Traffic Density 1.5

Beware, this mod may conflict with other mods modifying traffic.

This mod allows you to increase the traffic of gta5.
If your game crashes, reduce the density in graphical settings
The traffic in rural areas is normal in most cases! but I cannot reduce traffic on certain roads in rural areas and on highways.

Tell me if your game crashes. If there are several of you, I will correct that.


First, Install these mods:
Heap Limit Adjuster (included)
Packfile Limit Adjuster (included)

An oiv file is now available, but i already had issues with oiv files, if you have any problem with it, just tell me, thanks.

Manual installation:
Then, replace these files in your mods folder:

ChangeLog v1.5 : 1.0.2372.0 compatibility

ChangeLog v1.4 : Increased stability in high density areas. (Rockford hills for example). Increases pedestrian density a little at Rockford hills shopping and some other road.

ChangeLog v1.3 : Increase stability. Possibility to install it if you already have a modified gameconfig.xml, popcycle.dat or vehicles.meta.

ChangeLog v1.2 : Increased density in the city and in the Rockford Hills area.

ChangeLog v1.1 : Crash fix.



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Increase Traffic Density
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1) Table Increase Traffic Density 1.5 Mod – This mod increases the density of traffic on the roads in Cities: Skylines by 1.5 times the default value. It adds more vehicles to the game, enhancing the realism and complexity of traffic management.

2) Traffic Manager: President Edition – This mod offers a plethora of tools and features to control and customize traffic in Cities: Skylines. It allows players to fine-tune traffic rules, set lane priorities, create timed traffic lights, and adjust road segments individually. It also provides advanced AI for better traffic flow.

3) Network Extensions 2 – This mod expands the road variety in Cities: Skylines, allowing players to create more intricate and diverse road networks. It adds additional road types, such as wider highways, four-lane roads, and roundabouts, which can help improve traffic flow and alleviate congestion.

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4) Realistic Population and Consumption Mod – This mod modifies the population and consumption rates in Cities: Skylines to provide a more realistic simulation. It adjusts the number of residents in buildings, their age distributions, occupation rates, and more. By accurately reflecting population dynamics, it indirectly affects traffic density, as more residents can result in increased traffic.

5) Traffic++ V2 – As the name suggests, this mod focuses primarily on enhancing traffic management in Cities: Skylines. It offers various traffic control features, such as customized lane connectors, timed traffic lights, and lane priority signs. It also includes dynamic lane selection, which allows vehicles to dynamically switch lanes based on their destination, optimizing traffic flow.
Increase Traffic Density 1.5
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