Download Injustice Reverse Flash! FINAL – Screenshots and Description:

Injustice Reverse Flash! FINAL

Changelog (FINAL): Maximized skin weighting,

2021: Yes, I have RETURNED. ?? And as usual with the new year, I have NEW Ped Quality and technology Standards and a RAISED Bar, Things are secret this time, I cannot tell you boys HOW I’m doing what I’m doing, But, Enjoy:

I Present to you boys, The NEW ped standard, !!!PERFECT SKIN WEIGHTING!!!, NO MORE Armpit/Underarm, Pelvis to Neck, or Stretching In between the Thighs Issues!!!

My discovery of this new weighting method is used by me and my two Prized students: MTN4456 and The Darth Knight, If You Haven’t already, Check out their upload pages and patreons. ??

September 30, 2018: 1.1 Fixed Head/Hair Shaking

-A Speed Force portal begins to form in front of you, Out shoots a file at near lightning speed into your speedster hands- My Fourth of many gifts to the Speedsters, Injustice Reverse Flash without that DAMN grin! ??

Installation: (addonpeds method)
1.Install PEDS
2.Place the FOUR files from the INJ_ReverseFlash to updatex64dlcpacksaddonpedsdlc.rpfpeds.rpf
3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add INJ_ReverseFlash model in the list as normal ped (check ReadMe for AddonPeds).



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