Inventory Tweaks Mod for Minecraft allows players to easily manage warehouses and chests with 2 main features - automatic warehouse transfer and classification.

Inventory Tweaks Mod 1.12 / 1.11.2 saves you a lot of time when picking items and managing items, and supports both single player and online multiplayer modes.

If you feel uncomfortable because you have to return to the warehouse just to rearrange the map, this Minecraft Mod will help you a lot! Inventory Tweaks Mod automatically replaces the used tool with the new one in the inventory, your job is just to remember to arrange the tools properly in the inventory and chests.

Inventory Tweaks Mod feature

Automatically replace tools when broken and empty inventory.
Sort, filter warehouses and chests with 1 click or use hotkeys.
Provides many shortcuts to move items.
Allows customizing the classification of the repository thanks to the smart configuration file.

How to use Inventory Tweaks Mod

Basic usage:

When you first play Minecraft on your computer, you will use many of the features in this mod. Notice the "..." button in the upper right corner of the repository, which will lead you to the setup screen.
Warehouse classification:

Press the R key to filter the repository.
Chests classification:

When you open the chest, you will see 3 extra buttons at the top of the screen, allowing items to be classified in many ways.
Automatic filling

When you eat items, damage tools or clean the inventory by rearranging the blocks, the Inventory Tweaks Mod will automatically compensate with similar items in stock.

Note: Install Inventory Tweaks Mod through Minecraft Forge. In the Download button above, you will find the download link for Inventory Tweaks Mod that matches the Minecraft version that is playing on the computer.

Download link :

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