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This is mod for a unmarked speed enforcement version of the Invetero Coquette, the car possesses a powerful engine that makes it suitable for all roads in the game, moreover, the player will surely be at the top of the race in and outside the city when driving this car.
Originally made by me for the SAHP but can be used for any other agency too.

Invetero Coquette [Speed Enforcement Unit] - 3

• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, proper LODs etc.
• Additional config for Eddlms awesome “Auto Engine Sound Swapper” script included, so you can have the original Coquette engine sound without losing the siren sound.
• Custom scratch made interior speed radar equipment

Voit Turyv – new antenna models
Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model.
AlexanderLB – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture.
Eddlm – Auto Engine Sound Swapper script


You are free to edit and use the model and model parts for your projects as long as you give proper credits to me and the people listed in the credits.


Invetero Coquette [Speed Enforcement Unit] - 1

Invetero Coquette [Speed Enforcement Unit] - 2

Invetero Coquette [Speed Enforcement Unit] - 4

Invetero Coquette [Speed Enforcement Unit] - 5

Invetero Coquette [Speed Enforcement Unit] - 6

How To Install 

1. Start OpenIV.

2. Navigate to the ‘mods’ folder

3. Move the provided polcoquette folder inside: modsupdatex64dlcpacks

4. Locate ‘dlclist.xml’: update/update.rpf/common/data

5. Add the following line to the bottom: <Item>dlcpacks:/polcoquette/</Item>

6. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.

Optional (Auto Engine Sound Swapper config)

7. put the provided “polcoquetteAudioSwaps.ini” file in Grand Theft Auto VscriptsSoundSwaps


Thanks for download and don’t forget share it to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1573410945

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