One of the aspects that makes the Grand Theft Auto franchise so appealing for years on end is that most of them are open to being modded in their PC incarnations. While Grand Theft Auto Online has taken a lot of the wind out of the sails of that community, we nonetheless get a lot of awesome options in mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC for those gamers that still hang out in the single-player mode. A particularly popular genre is the superhero mod. 

What these do is transform GTA 5 into a different game by changing up the mechanics to simulate playing as a superhero. That’s the goal of Iron Man Mark V, a mod for GTA 5 that lets you play as one of Marvel’s most iconic characters ever. In this article, we’ll tell you a little bit about the mod and why you might want to download it and give it a play. 

You probably recognize Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, from Disney and Marvel’s hit movies The Avengers and Iron Man. Like those movies, Iron Man is a hero in the Grand Theft Auto V world – if you want him to be. You get free reign over all of his powers and you can make the same open-world choices you make in the regular GTA 5 game, but as Iron Man. Abilities include shooting energy beams out of his hands, super strength, increased speed, and, best of all, flying. Basically, Iron Man is a moving and flying man-sized tank and it is awesome to experience.

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A certain aspect that people often forget about modding is that, if done well, it can totally transform a game. This is the game with the Iron Man Mark 5 mod. In particular, the flying element really takes this to the next level and makes this mod a must-download for owners of GTA 5 on PC. Even if you are not a fan of Tony Stark and the Marvel universe, you’ll love this mod and the possibilities for gameplay that it opens up. 

Something that probably makes this mod way more fun than it should be is that, even though he is a superhero, Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit is very much a regular guy and this feeling translates over into the GTA 5 mod. Unlike some of the other superhero mods out there, Iron Man Mark 5 is, in its simplest form, a souped up version of the regular player character. None of his abilities aren’t anything that you can’t do in the regular game aside from flying. By this, we mean that his weapons are grounded in reality as opposed to some of the other superhero mods and that means the gameplay is more similar to the standard game. 

Installation is simple and painless and, best of all, it is a stable release that is unlikely to crash or give you any serious issues. We recommend Iron Man Mark 5 mod for GTA 5 for anyone who is a fan of the Marvel IP but also people who enjoy a good mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. 



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