Iron Man-Tony Stark House for GTA V

The magic of movie making is alive and well, and clearly on display in the blockbuster Iron Man sequel. While Tony Stark’s alter-ego Iron Man suit is a stunning work of effects, what is even cooler is Iron Man’s house.

Very detailed on both floors,but house i designed on my way because map editor dont offer alot objects what you can use and what i need.
►I spend 2 months to build this,few day only to find perfect location, then few days to google for pictures, then watching again all 3 parts of Ironman movies  .... and then i start build this project.
►House have over 1600 objects (from bricks, cement blocks, pillars, rocks, plants and etc)
► 3 Ironman suits in garage (WarMachine,Original and grey one prototype of mark III

1) When is raining,house dont hold water,so that mean when you are in house rain falls through house lol i dont know why,i am not expert in this,i just love build things 🙂
2) when is night you will have FPS drop alot,about 15fps, i think that is because alot objects in one place,but i am not sure,if anyone know please comment about this. p.s. i have newest I5 intel cpu generation,and 8gb ddr4 memory but have old graphic card 2gb radeon r7 240 and maybe she is problem.


Mod Showcase:


1) Install Map editor from Guadmaz:
2) copy my objectlist.ini file into scripts folder
p.s. dont worry i have over 53k objects,and its better then original one what you get with map editor
3) From folder "Ironman House map" copy file name "ironman.xml" to your Gta 5 directory
4) Ironman suits/statues:
Copy all files from folders "Ironman suits-statues" and paste into
►If you have problems with house loading:
-When you load house and you find some props scattered around just restart game and load house again.
-If some objects dont show copy mine objectlist.ini into script folder,if that dont work go in script folder and open file InvalidObjects.ini and delete all text.

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