Download Iron Man / Tony Stark Penthouse (Menyoo) – Screenshots and Description:

Iron Man / Tony Stark Penthouse (Menyoo)

Tony Stark Penthouse, Ymap, Menyoo


The File in .xml is to modify agusto.

The doors of the house are closed because, they have not been modified, to activate them; right click with the object sponer tool. and leave the Dynamic option selected.
Some objects can collide or fall into a vacuum, so activate the option of spwanear objects with gravity, from the menu of menyoo, or from the map editor.
The objects change color, but that comes by default, but it can be modified by clicking on the object and changing the texture number 4 or 5 thanks.

Download the IRONMAN00M.xml or IRONMAN007.ymap file

1. Ymap

Open Open IV / GTA V / Mods / Update / x64 / dlcpack / custosmap / dlc.rpf / X64 / Levels / gta5 folder / _citye / maps / custom_maps.rpf / here drag the contents of the files folder: IRONMAN007.ymap

2. Menyoo

take to the game folder where GTA V is installed and then to the menyoo Stuff / spooner folder

enter the game and open the menyo and go to where it says object spooner
and load the map in / Manage saved files and look for the file that says IRONMAN00M.xml

so in this direction
GTA V / menyoo Stuff / spooner / IRONMAN00M.xml






Download mod

File File size

zipPenthuose STARK

2 MB