Download Japanese-Style Room “WASHITSU” Interior [Ymap / MapBuilder] 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Japanese-Style Room "WASHITSU" Interior [Ymap / MapBuilder] 1.0

Japanese-Style Room “WASHITSU” Interior [Ymap / MapBuilder]

Konnichiwa! I created “Washitsu” that is a Japanese-style room.
Two Washitsu room, an elevator hall, and an additional helipad on top of the building have also been set up.

The location is Dream Tower in Little Seoul. You can’t get in directly, you’ll have to use teleportation.

The file contains the main Ymap and the original custom textures for tatami(Japanese straw mat) and hanging scrolls.
Also included are xml for teleportation setting.(For Menyoo and Teleportals)
Textures are optional, but may cause discomfort if not installed.

Please read the included readme.txt(ENG,JPN) for detailed installation instructions.

Required mods & tools:

– OpenIV
– Map Builder

Optional Mods(For teleportation):

– Teleportals
– Menyoo

or other teleportation mods.

Optional Tools(For texture replacement):

– TextureToolkit

or other texture editor.

Known issue

– Some objects may disappear depending on the angle of the camera, such as near a wall.
– If you fall down or jump near a wall or window, you may be flung outdoors.
I don’t know how to fix this, so please refrain from jumping.
– You can’t hold a gun indoors. Safety first.



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