JobsV extends the fun and endless possibilities in GTA V. This script gives a life-like feeling to the game. Players have the ability to apply to multiple jobs, attend college, earn a degree, and make a salary while working your way up the charts! In terms, this is a RPG.

We all know that GTA is about as far removed from “normal” as you can get in a realistic setting. I mean, sure, you can do all sorts of normal things like yoga, tennis, driving in accordance with traffic rules etc. etc., but why would you when you can shoot up a bank, buy a jet with the stolen money, go on a killing spree downtown, have the entire police force trying to catch you, lead them on a high speed chase resulting in numerous crashes until your reach the place where you stashed the jet, take off, circle around over to the city and jump out as the jet crashes into the FIB headquarters and you splatter yourself on the pavement because you forgot your parachute. Then respawn, and redo the whole thing with the parachute this time around.

Feautures :

  • Apply for a regular or college entry job.
  • Attend college and obtain a degree.
  • Earn a daily salary
  • Earn Promotions at your current job.
  • Start from nothing and work your way up
  • Choose from multiple jobs
  • Take the Taxi Driver course
  • Create your own jobs using our API!
  • Playable Jobs.
  • + More To Come!



How to install:

1) Install C++ Redist
2) Install ScriptHookDotNet
3) Place “JobsV” into your “scripts” folder.
4) *Optional* configure JobsV

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Q: Will there be a mini-game for the job?
A: Yes, in future updates we will add the play-ability for the jobs. We have implemented some jobs that already have play-ability.

Q: I have an idea for this script, where can I send ideas?
A: I check most of the comments here, but if you want direct contact with me you can email me at [email protected] with all the details!

Q: I have a bug, where can I report bugs?
A: Please report all issues to our GitHub Repo.

Current Features (Beta)
As of now, this extension is in Beta, which means most of the features and functions are not available at this moment. Every release will have extended features and bug fixes.

To attend college, visit the “ULSA” campus entrance near the flag pole.
The total cost of the college course is $8000.

Taxi Driver License Course
To take this course, visit the “ULSA” campus entrance near the flag pole.
The total cost of the course is $1000.

Location | Job Title | Salary |

Life Invader Building | Programmer | $50 /hr |
Los Santos City Fire station | Firefighter | $10 /hr | THIS JOB IS UNSTABLE
La Spada Italian Restaurant | Waiter | $9 /hr |
Airport | Airport Security| $12 /hr |
Music Performer | Los Santos Concert | $714 /hr |
Pilot | Airport | $40 /hr
Taxi Driver | Near Diner/Band | $(Wage Depends on Taxi Missions)
Helicopter Pilot | Helipad | $40 /hr

Download Links:

 [BETA] 0.1.4 (current) :