Kill Frenzy GTA V Script Mods requires Script Hook V

Kill Frenzy GTA V Script Mods Description:

If you are a 90’s kid or you like old video games you probably remember the good old GTA 2 and it’s Kill Frenzy missions. This mod is basically a remake of the Kill Frenzy ideea from GTA 2 in GTA V (watch the trailer). So, even if you like GTA 2 or you never even heard about it, this mod is useful, funny, and you may like it.

Kill Frenzy is a good way to make some quick cash in the GTA V world. When you start a frenzy you are given a certain weapon with infinite ammo during the frenzy, an objective (to kill a number of pedestrians or cops or destroy vehicles) and a time limit. If you can complete the objective in the time limit, you are rewarded with some cash.

After the frenzy is complete, even if you succeded it or failed it, you are given the weapon to keep. Each frenzy can be replayed for as many times as you want. Locations There are currently 7 kill frenzy locations, one near each Los Santos Customs, and two near some Ammu-Nation stores (I will include more in further updates and maybe even give you the possibility to add your own locations). Go to the the “map.jpg” file into the archive to see their exact location.


Kill Frenzy GTA V Script Mods Screenshots:


How to install Kill Frenzy GTA V Script Mods:

1.Make sure you have installed Script Hook V into your GTA V folder
2.Download and extract the attached .rar file
3.Copy the content of the archive into the GTA V folder

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1.Make sure to also copy the “Kill Frenzy.ini” file.
2.The default key to start the frenzy is ENTER, if you want to change it, read the README.txt file in the archive.

Thanks to Alexander Blade for creating the awesome Script Hook V.

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