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Kingdom Key

May your heart be your guiding key…
This GTA 5 mod was originally made by MrMarco1003 , but his version of keyblade is facing the wrong way (You can see in the second screenshot). We should never use the sharp part to attack people with a keyblade. It will make the keyblade not durable and that is very dangerous. It will also hurt people very badly. Remember if you want to become a keyblade master one day, you should use the blunt end to attack. (Mr. Trevor makes a very good example in the screenshot.)

I have also improved the texture of this mod and added collision to the keyblade btw.

Installation guidelines:
Drop all the files in modsupdatex64dlcpackspatchday3ngdlc.rpfx64modelscdimagesweapons.rpf

Download Sora KH3 veriosn


nsh3t & MrMarco1003

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