Download Krieger Specials Zion Classic – Screenshots and Description:

Save the reminiscences. There might have been a “peak” to embrace in the 80s, but Krieger went orbital with its Zion. Widebody ensemble, more raging horses and a tempting sense of impending doom whenever you hit an empty stretch of highway. After all, it’s not the truck ahead turning you into a gothesque meal you should fear, but rocketing through the air of freedom right into the scorching sun. Keep it crispy – not burnt.

How to install:

1.Put “zionks” folder in modsupdatex64dlcpacks
2.Add this line -> dlcpacks:zionks to the dlclist.xml (modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata)

Spawn name: zionks


Rockstar Games – original model
Da7K – model edits, porting
Carrythxd – add-on
Johnny362000 – handling
LamboFreak – engine sounds
MyCrystals! – description
Boywond – graphics

Download mod

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zipKrieger Specials Zion Classic

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