The Lamborghini Reventon AUTO VISTA is one of the fastest cars in the real world and also in the GTA world. The Lamborghini Reventon AUTO VISTA is the newest and the most updated car mod for GTA V among other Lamborghini Reventon mods. It is a replacement for the previous Lamborghini Reventon. This has been updated for 12 times in two years, as the last update came in 2018. 

This new Lamborghini Reventon AUTO VISTA mod removes the previous Lamborghini Reventon AUTO VISTA mod and replaces it with a new and improved Lamborghini Reventon AUTO VISTA. This mod was originally released in 2016 but since after the replacement of Lamborghini Reventon with the new Lamborghini Reventon AUTO VISTA, the download of this car mod has jumped up to 466,783 downloads.

Playable Features:

In the period of two years the mod was updated 12 times and the playable feature of Lamborghini Reventon AUTO VISTA has increased with every update. In the last update, the playable features which were introduced were:

  • This Lamborghini Reventon car mod supports Ultra High Definition graphics which provides a detail look of the Lamborghini Reventon. Because of the Ultra High Definition graphics, the details of the exterior and interior of Lamborghini Reventon are clearly visible. This provides realism to the gameplay and the players can have of driving the Lamborghini Reventon virtually.
  • In this update of the Lamborghini Reventon mod, the vipers are operational and they are automatic. So whenever rain starts to fall in the game, the vipers of the Lamborghini Reventon will start to work automatically.
  • Tuning has been taken to the next level as new body parts have been added to the game. This will enhance the gaming experience of the players.
  • The laterals wings have been operationalized in this update. Now the laterals wings can activate automatically or manually. It depends on how fast the players are driving.
  • New changes have been made to the glass texture which means that whenever the car is totaled or is in collision with another car, the shattering of the glass will be clearly visible. The breaking and shattering of glass will provide realism to the game and will also enhance the gaming experience. 
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Player’s Experience:

We have discussed the playable features of the Lamborghini Reventon AUTOVISTA mod and now it is time to discuss the experience of players. Since the replacement of the mod was released, the popularity of the Lamborghini Reventon AUTOVISTA car mod has increase quite a bit. The download of the mod spiked.

According to many players, this Ultra High Definition mod provides realism to the game and enhances the gaming experience.  One of the main reasons that the car provides realism to the game are the updated playable features which are embedded in the mod.

The Ultra High Definition, engine detail and the operationalized vipers are the three playable features which are ranked as the best playable features of the mod by the players, the reason is that these three playable features provides realism to game and enhance the gaming experience.

As this mod was updated timely so no major issues were reported.






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