Download Language Changer 1.3 – Screenshots and Description:

Language Changer 1.3

Install the game in the wrong language, or just want to change the language for fun?

You’ll probably notice the lack of a way to change the language without editing the registry or changing your system language.

– I will not support pirated versions
– You can only change your game language to the ones listed here.
– The tool should still work when the game updates.

How to use:
– Run the .exe file as administrator. This is important. It will not work if you do not run it as an administrator.

– Choose a language from the dropdown list.

– Press the “Change Language” button.

– A “Done!” notification should pop up, and the language should be changed.

If you find any bugs or it doesn’t work for you, please let me know. Enjoy!

Version 1.1
– Should now automatically request administrator access
– Added Polish & Korean to the list
– Alphabetized the list.

Version 1.1.1
– Fixed a minor glitch when switching to English

Version 1.2
– Finetuned the UI

Version 1.2.1
– Added a missing language

Version 1.3
– Localized language names
– Removed “Run the file as administrator”



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