This content is discussing a mod for the game Grand Theft Auto V. The mod converts the Los Santos Sea into lava and improves the atmosphere. The mod also allows for the use of the tsunami mod. The installation process involves replacing certain files. The mod was created by someone named ibrahimhanz and the file size is 14 MB.

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Lava sea 2

Lava sea 2

In this amendment the Los Santos Sea was completely converted to lava

The atmosphere should be clear in Los Santos

You can use the tsunami mod in this mod


Step 1
Replace graphics.ytd and water.ytd files in this path openiv / GTA V / x64a.rpf / textures

Step 2
Replace the waterfog_txds.rpf file with this path openiv / GTA V / x64v.rpf / textures



Download mod

File File size
The volcanic sea
14 MB

Tagged Misc Texture

1. Biomes O’ Plenty: This mod adds a variety of new biomes to the game, including lava seas. However, Table Lava Sea 2 Mod offers more customization options and features specifically focused on lava seas, making it a more specialized choice for players looking for a lava-themed experience.

2. NetherEx: This mod also focuses on expanding the Nether dimension and introduces new biomes, including fiery landscapes. While it provides a broader range of content, Table Lava Sea 2 Mod offers more control and customization options for creating unique lava sea environments.

3. Better Nether: Similar to NetherEx, this mod enhances the Nether dimension with new biomes and structures. However, Table Lava Sea 2 Mod focuses solely on lava seas, providing more features and additions specifically tailored to that theme.

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4. Mystic Mesa: This modpack introduces a new dimension called the Mystic Mesa, which features unique biomes and creatures. While it offers a different experience overall, Table Lava Sea 2 Mod is more focused and specialized in providing a lava sea environment.

5. TerraForged: This mod focuses on terrain generation and aims to create more realistic and immersive landscapes. While it does not specifically cater to lava seas, it offers a more in-depth and dynamic world generation experience compared to Table Lava Sea 2 Mod.
Lava sea 2
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