Download Law Enforcement Base [MENYOO] 1.23.3 – Screenshots and Description:

Law Enforcement Base [MENYOO] 1.23.3

– Information:
Law enforcement agencies in Los Santos do not have a common meeting place. Therefore, we organized their meeting, and made a base. The map is worked out, each character has animation, some reacts to shots. And also added realistic road signs.

– Requirements:
To run this map, you need the MENYOO plugin.

– Installation instructions:
1. Download the map, then move the “Base” file to the following path: (GTAV) > MenyooStuff> Spooner
2. After starting the game, press F8, go to the Object Spooner menu
3. Next, open the Manage Saved Files item
4. Select the card you want to install and click Load Performance.



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