Download Legion Square – Remove Barrier V1 [YMAP] 0.0.2 – Screenshots and Description:

Legion Square - Remove Barrier V1 [YMAP] 0.0.1

This is a ymap that removes barriers from the legion parking lot.
“Sorry for my bad english”

FiveM Installation
> Download Remove Barrier V1.
> Un-zip the contents of the zip file.
> Insert into the resources folder (FiveM Server).
> Start the resource (start removebarrier).
> You have successfully installed this YMAP.

GTA 5 Installation
> Go to the GTA 5 Mods folder and copy the “update” and “x64” folder into it from the GTA 5 Folder.
> Open “OpenIV” go to the mods folder and open it.
> Then open these folders inside the mods folder. “update > x64 > dlcpacks ”
> Copy the file i included with the mods in there. ( custom_maps )
> If you copied the file into it you are done with installing the map!
> Open GTA 5 and enjoy it! ??

0.0.2: I made a little mistake in the __resource.lua. Fixed.



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