This is an ADD-ON mod for my widebody Lexus SC300.
I originally made this with help from Ghost0912 & efret in 2016 for my FiveReborn drift servers. Since then it's been converted from a replace to an add-on.
I've got back into fivem recently & have decided to release this to the public. It's not perfect & I don't plan on major changes soon. Enjoy.


SA Version created from Forza Motorsport 4 by nkymtor
Converted for V by Ghost0912
Reworked by BeefJ & Ghost0912
Special thanks to erfet for help/assets & Emmmh (Emmie) for screenshots.

[SokudoChasers Modding Group]
[Team DoriStyle]

Bug List:
- The Dials not work
- 2nd bumper option doesn't work

Featured List:
- glass crashes
- all tuning parts work except rear bumper since it has been changed
- working lights
- correct door, bonnet and boot collision and opening
- 3d engine
- correct hand position
- widebody
- 3SDM 0.05 Wheels (two-tone)
- GTA-V plates
- Ayaka Kagari hood art.




Hope you enjoy and remember share to your friends !

Link Download :