Download Liberty Underworld [.Net] Beta – Screenshots and Description:

Liberty Underworld [.Net] Beta

You installed Liberty city, but always thought it is so peaceful and doesnt feel like a real city ?
If so, this is a mod to add more variety to your LC by adding diffrent gangs featured in past GTA games

– So far there are 5 gangs (The Lost MC, The Triads, McReary Family, Petrovic Mafia and Spanish Lords), more coming soon
– Gang members will spawn around theirs Territories
– There are random shootout in gangs territories
– More features will be added in future updates

– ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVdotnet
– Liberty Rewind (original location), moved map is not supported yet.
– IMPORTANT: make sure your Liberty City already come with the traffic path or just install one
Download LC Rewind with traffic path: LIBERTY V remix
– Some gang member use DLC weapon so if you use pirated GTA or dont have all the online DLC, some of them will have no weapon

– Make sure you have all the requirements installed, then just put the .cs file in your script folder

*This is just a beta so there can be bugs



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