Download Lifeguard Declasse Alamo [AddOn/Replace] 1.0a – Screenshots and Description:

Lifeguard Declasse Alamo [AddOn/Replace] 1.0a

If you ever get hit by a vehicle in Vespucci Beach, you better hope it’s one of the new Lifeguard Alamos. After too many unfortunate incidents with Grangers, they brought lighter Alamos to reduce injury. Because of the lighter impact, you might be awake to see the attractive lifeguard rescuing you this time at least

A very simple Addon on or replace Lifeguard vehicle, based on the LACoFD Lifeguard Escape and Vanilla Granger Lifeguard.

Changelog: v1.0a: fixed a minor woopsie (kept a trunk/rear seat divider)


IlayArye, GCT for the Declasse Alamo
Actually Toxic for the PPV Alamo edits
Eddim for handling
11john11 for console, trunk equipment
Jacobmaate for the Lore Arjent, misc interior parts from lifeguard mesa
AlexanderLB for console textures
(if you see any resources from you in this pack, message me and I’ll add you and apologies in advance)




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