Download LifeInvader Mountain Mansion [Menyoo / MapEditor] 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

LifeInvader Mountain Mansion [Menyoo / MapEditor] 1.1

This is my 2nd house mod so do let me know what you think

This mod adds a custom Villa on Mount Chiliad that is owned by the Life Invader CEO. It is very detailed and has a unique shape with pillars and huge glass windows that have beautiful panoramic views of Los Santos and Blaine Country.

i made this almost 2 years ago and finally thought to upgrade it.

*remodeled the bathroom and added marble flooring inside
*added a workout area / gym inside
*added art work to the walls everywhere inside
*made the lighting better on the interior and exterior so its not too bright at night like before
*added a retro arcade game collection in the house
*added a pilot on the helipad and some pets inside the house
*added working doors to the elevator
*other minor improvements to the overall mansion

I recommend using Menyoo to load this since some objects might not load using Map Editor

Feel free to use this in videos but remember to give credits

How to Install:

1. Make sure you have the latest script hook V and V.NET installed.

2. Have Menyoo Installed or Map Editor.

3. open the folder and drag the .xml file into your main directory/menyoostuff/spooner and paste there.

4. for map editor drag .xml file into main directory simply

5. launch game and open menyoo and load through saved files.

6. in map editor press F7 and load through there

7. Enjoy and Be Happy ??

8. Bonus step : Subscribe to PewDiePie [ doing my part ]



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