Please note this model only features a basic interior I am not focusing on fully functional interiors at the moment, this may be revisited in the future. 


  • Accurate model setup, equipment and emergency lighting.
  • Handling line / meta based on real engine data as much as GTA 5 allows
  • ELS VCF Config setup for these model.
  • Install instructions within the readme.
  • Low poly model for smoother game performance (less than 70K polygons)!
  • Templates for livery so you can make your own!
  • Multi-livery support

Model: 3DStarving
Model Purchased: ObsidianGames, Josh Wands-Murray, Callum Whitehead, Youcef Ben, Bran Strafford & Westminster Roleplay Community
Model Fixes: ObsidianGames
Model Lowering: ObsidianGames
Model Textures: ObsidianGames
Number Plates: ObsidianGames
Woodway Whelen Freedom: ObsidianGames
Woodway Whelen ION: ObsidianGames
Woodway Whelen Number Plate Lights: ObsidianGames
Skin: ObsidianGames (White)
Window Textures: ObsidianGames (White)
Handling Line: Chris Viper


[Depends on what slot you use, for this pack I suggest using Albo’s DLC below]

— OR —

Use the Modding DLC Mod by Albo1125
Then follow his detailed install documents / videos!

Step 1 
Using OpenIV navigate to the location above listed above.
If required please copy this to your “mods” folder, OpenIV will warn you if this is required)

Step 2 
Select edit mode at the top and then import the 2 downloaded .yft files and the .ytd file into the vehicles.rpf

Step 3 
Using OpenIV once again navigate to update > update.rpf > common > data

Step 4 
Open the handling.meta file. Replace the corresponding handling entry with the one included within the handling.txt files

Step 5 
Open the vehicles.meta find the slot entry and add FLAG_HAS_LIVERY to the flags for the model. This will enable the multi livery feature for the slot.

Step 6 
I would also suggest installing a mod that disables tail light flashing if you have not done so already.



Enjoy! If you do like the mod please don’t forget to come back and leave a review.

Link Download :