This handling pack applies a coherent set handling behaviors to vehicles made by a wide variety of authors, thus keeping all the vehicles coherent with each other.
The handling style deviates a bit from V’s arcade feel and veers towards a small degree of realism, forcing the vehicles to have realistic CoMs, coherent weight, grip, suspension setups, etc. Each characteristic is finetuned to match with each specific vehicle, so you’ll notice, for example, different suspension behavior on SUVs, Raid vehicles, Track racecars, etc. I believe this handling style makes all vehicles unique and interesting to drive, as now, sometimes specific vehicles within a same category can do the job (whatever you’re doing) better than others, thanks to their a bit more unique behavior.
A more sensible grip level also improves the overall feeling of the cars, as it leaves more protagonism to other features like center of mass and suspension system. Original GTA V grip levels hold the car by the throat and force it to steer no matter the weight or CoM.


Latest update (0.2.5)
Fixed / Improved:
– Vincent S, RWD to AWD 40/60 power distribution. Also tweaked suspension.
– ZR-150, S230, Sigma-Two , tweaked Center of Mass, inertia and grip. They were handlings done long ago.

– Vapid Blade Retro Custom
– Vapid Executioner Pack
– Vapid Riata Pack
– Vapid Sadler Sport Retro Pack
– Grotti Itali GT-C (Will likely need further tweaks)
– Dinka Blista R-X (Will likely need further tweaks)
– Dundreary Landstalker Pickup
– Declasse Presidential Granger
– Annis ZR-350

Quick FAQ
– Does it include the vehicles? / No, it only includes a handling file. Download the vehicles separately below.
– Do I need to replace handling files? / No, this is an Add-On dlc. You install it as usual and forget it. It will override other handlings automatically.
– What’s the handling style? / Arcade with a good handfull realism. Decent grip levels. Not all vehicles suit all situations, but all vehicles are interesting.
– Will you include…? / Yeah likely. Has to be Lore Friendly and Add-On.

Current vehicles in:
– Muscle –
– Vapid Razor
– Vapid Crowdrunner
– Vapid Blade Retro Custom

– Annis ZR-350
– Grotti Itali GT-C (Will likely need further tweaks)
– Annis ZR-150
– Team Buitenzorg Drag Prairie
– Invetero Coquette Phobos
– Ubermacht Sentinel Classic DTM
– Annis S-230
– Karin Sigma-Two
– Maibatsu Vincent Sport
– Übermacht Zion Classic LM
– Übermacht Zion Classic

SUV / Offroad:
– Dundreary Landstalker Pickup
– Declasse Presidential Granger
– Mammoth Squaddie
– Vapid Scout (should work with all variants that use the handling ID “SCOUT”)
– Vapid Caracara 4×4
– Contender Trophy (trust me, its worth installing)
– Vapid Executioner Pack
– Vapid Riata Pack
– Vapid Sadler Sport Retro Pack

– Sedans / Compacts / ETC –
– Dinka Millenial
– Declasse Brigham (Should work with all variants that use the handling ID “MERIT2”.)

Vans / big rigs:
– Jobuilt Haulmaster
– Vapid Steed
– Vapid Bus Classic

Lambo Freak’s stuff
– Vapid Contender Custom
– Pegassi Infernus S Roadster
– Pegassi Monroe Custom
– Zircoflow Stratum
– Bravado Gresley Hellhound

Planned vehicles
– Anything by Lambo Freak.
– Anything by Dani02.
– Anything by IGnoTon.
– Any other lore friendly creators that I find or am pointed to.

Duplicates and variants
Its safe to install any duplicate or variant, the pack does, or will, support all of them. Vehicle variants will have proper handling variants where it makes sense.
For example, Muzazi’s Vincent Sport is based on my handling for IVPack’s Vincent, but RWD and a bit better performant.

Standalone add-ons vs vehicle packs
At the moment this pack focuses on standalone Add-On vehicle releases and very small packs. It will not support IVPack, DispatchWorks or VWE, as there will(should) be specific handling packs released for those.

– Make sure you have any of the above cars installed. This mod ONLY affects those.
– Place the ho_addons folder in Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks.
– Open Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata dlclist.xml”
and add to it dlcpacks:/ho_addons/ .
– Run the game. The vehicles listed above will feel different.




Have fun !

Link Download :