Download Los santos secret army bases multi pack 0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Los santos secret army bases multi pack 0.1

mapmods100:100 los santos secret army base multi pack
this map brings all mods into one multi pack download this is an alpha
in this mod you can find blips of where the army bases are located on the map located in yellow

please delete all the old army base file i created and install my new there will be an update soon for this one

installation and instructions
you could install with this mod
with the characters n vehicles and without the gates
or with gates this mod has been tested as of 24/05/2020
new locations under go 11 places will the total after next update

to install please drag scripts folder into
Grand Theft Auto V root folder this is peds and vehicles
now goto
Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks
drag ymap file which is gate

then also drag dlc list to Grand Theft Auto Vmods



Download mod

File File size

zipLos santos secret army bases reupload multi pack alpha 0.1

3 MB