Download LSCoFD Lifeguard Vapid Expansion [Add-On] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

LSCoFD Lifeguard Vapid Expansion [Add-On] 1.0

Summer has come and passed, but the inocence of these beaches is nowhere to be seen thanks to all the drownings we get yearly. Well here at Vapid we don’t know if we’re going to lower the rate, but surely we are gonna try to in style and yeah, we had to include our little brother Dundreary, they always like to take the scene for themselves. So taking the Declasse-Vapid war to the beaches, we presented the LSCoFD some of our greatest vehicles

This is a LSCoFD Lifeguard pack full of Vapid vehicles and yes, Dundreary is part of Vapid so no disscussion there. It serves as an “expansion” for Bravo’s Lifeguard Pack which adds a variety of both modern and old Vapid models for lifeguard use.

5 Vapid Lifeguard vehicles
-Vapid Caracara
-Vapid Scout
-Vapid Contender 1st gen
-Vapid Contender Utility
-Dundreary Landroamer

-Drag the mod folder into your dlcpacks folder and add “lguard_vapid_ext” into your dlclist.xml using OPENIV


–Bravo-One-Charlie: idea and advice
–BeastyBill88: screenshots

General parts
–Rockstar games: Lifeguard equipment, tow hitches
–John Adams: LSCoFD lore seal
–AlexanderLB: console textures
–11john11: MX lightbar, console and trunk equipment
–Jacobmaate: Lore Arjent, Lore Liberty and some interior props

For the Caracara
–w/: Permission
–Rockstar Games: original model and various parts
–Skitty: front bumper, grille, bed cabin
–Eddlm: handling
–TheF3nt0n: mapping
–AllenKennedy: fixed windshield issues

For the Scout
–Dani02: Conversion to GTA V
–Vx5 Voltage: Wheels and Model Improvements
–Voit Turyv, Vx5 Voltage, Skitty: Interior Equipment
–11John11, llayArye: Mapping
–TheF3nt0n: Custom soundbank

For the Contender 1st gen
–Rockstar Games: Original model
–TheF3nt0n: Mapped Contender and model edits
–CP: Converted Contender

For the Contender Utility
–Rockstar Games: Utility Truck model, side and rear sirens
–TheF3nt0n: Mapping

For the Landroamer
–IlayArye: parts converting and vehicle editing, UV mapping and templating
–Tall70: Dundreary Landstalker 2.0
–Eddlm: handling
–GhostRiderPT: Front and rear bumpers, tuning parts
–Deadman23: Headlights model
–Lt.Caine: Boot model (L1)
–AlexanderLB: Landroamer badges
–neogeo39: paintable rims

Also special thanks to 11john11, Nachtfliege, w/, bravo-one-charlie, and many others for advice and help and also to BeastyBill88 for the beautiful screenshots

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