Download LSPD Declasse Alamo Minipack [Add-On] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Los Santos Police Department Declasse Alamo mini pack. Lorified LAPD’s Chevy Tahoe. The models and textures were made in 11john11’s style. The mod contains working LOD’s and Glass Shards. This is my first working model.

Spawn Names
– polalamo – LSPD Alamo with Arjent Lightbar and Rear lights
– polalamonew – LSPD Alamo with Valor Lightbar
Installation guide in a readme file in the archive

Before reporting any bug please install those mods

– Custom Gameconfig
– Sirensettings Limit Adjuster


– GCT – Short Granger Original Model
– IlayArye – UV Mapping, Model Conversion, Wheels, Bumper, 3d cage mesh
– ActuallyToxic – PPV version & front end model edits
– Jacobmaate – Boot model edits, vanilla style Arjent lightbar, antennas, improved LED emissive texture, vanilla style Valor lightbar
– Glennoconnel – Base model parts
– 11john11 – Improved console setup, Reference pictures and videos, spotlights, antennas, 3d cage mesh, laptop, dashcams, pushbars, handling improvements, original LSPD Pack
– DustyFlop – Reference pictures and videos
– Voit Turyv – interior console, LED modules
– w/ – Trunk equipment, LED modules
– Eddlm – Handling
– Nachtfliege – Trunk equipment, police radio fixes, interior divider
– Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model
– DiPierro – bumper stickers
– Crizby – bumper stickers
– Vx5 Voltage – 3d cage mesh
– bravo-one-charlie – lightbar feet
– EVI – lightbar feet
– AlexanderLB – Various LSPD decals, Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture
– TheMaybeast – modern Wiwang siren controller texture
– ukeyS – awesome screenshots

Special thanks to those who helped me learn Zmod and those who tested the mod. I love you.

Download mod

File File size

zipLSPD alamo v1.0

8 MB