“Join the LSPD they said, drive fast cars they said. If that’s true, why am I stuck doing my back in driving something from 20 years ago?” 

Most officers drive around in half decent staniers, buffalos and if they’re lucky, a new fugitive, torrence or scout. Not you though, because your station has had these cars for years, and command can’t be bothered to put them out of commission yet. They keep saying new stuff is coming, and maybe that’s true, but in the meantime, you’re stuck with bad ideas and the kind of stuff your lieutenant probably drove back when they were a beat cop. 


Included Vehicles:
LSPD Classic Stanier
“Nobody joins the LSPD expecting anything flash. Even so, nobody expects to be handed the keys to a 20 year old relic. While your fellow officers get Scouts and Torrences, you’re stuck with a car that has been retrofitted so many times you’re unsure if there’s anything original left in it. Enjoy the heritage, shut up, and try not to crash into anything or the gaffer tape holding the thing together might come off.”
LSPD Merit
“‘The best designs are the ones that nobody likes to begin with, so they don’t get outdated’. That must have been the LSPD‘s thoughts when they ordered two dozen Declasse Merits during the early 2000s. 15 years later, and few of them have left their parking spaces. Turns out most officers would rather be convicted than assigned a Merit. Meanwhile the poor detectives who were assigned the unmarked package would probably rather go back to directing traffic.”
LSPD Premier
“The global financial crisis hit everyone hard, even the LSPD. Clearly, some bright spark in City Hall came up with the idea: “Why don’t we just buy a cheap front wheel drive sedan and stick a lightbar on it?” Now, the LSPD is stuck with a fleet of Premiers nobody dares drive over 40mph, for fear of losing control of the car, or their bowels.”

More:  AK-74

These three* new* cars are bound to make your day just as miserable as whoever is unfortunate enough to be sitting in the back.

Three new* cars, with 4 unique liveries each, an unmarked version of one, working LODs, dials, glass, and component extras for pushbars, dash radios, and spotlights.

New in V1.2
Unmarked Merit with lighting by 11John11

New in V1.1
Merit now uses Premier spotlights.
Merit and Premier are now FWD.
New handling for Merit (No more rolling over, sorry.)
New Merit & Stanier lighting setup by Bozza.
New brake light and working fog lights for Merit.
Mapped Mirrors and Door handles for Merit. (Get the template from Vanillaworks discord.)
Many many model fixes to Merit.
Optimized texture archives.

Known Bugs:
Merit glass smashes strangely. (Best I can really do.)

Premier: Aquamenti, IlayAyre & myself
Merit: _cp_, Lt. Caine, Yard1 & myself
Stanier: NefariousBonne & myself
Premier/Merit wheels: IlayAyre
Stanier wheels: 11John11
Liveries: Myself, Bozza & Yard1
Merit/Stanier lightbar: Vx5 Voltage, 11John11 & Bozza
Unmarked Merit Lighting: 11John11
Premier lightbar: Voit Turyv, Jacobmaate & 11John11
Central console & Toughbook: Vx5 Voltage & Skitty
Mesh cage: Vx5 Voltage & R* Games
Plastic cage: Voit Turyv
Pushbar extra: 11John11
Middle brake light: 11John11
Merit handling: Myself
Mod page vehicle legacies: John Adams


Please read carefuly the “readme.txt” in the archive



Here is what you need 🙂

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1567610160