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LSSD Pack Extended 0.9.2 - update is in works

After almost a year in development, I finally feel it’s ready to be released – LSSD Pack Extended 2.0. It is composed of 23 vehicles, which are split between 5 themed sub-packs, and each of them can be easily disabled if it’s not for your liking.
Most vehicles were based on or inspired by LA Sheriff Department fleet, from a promotion van and retro cruisers, to a heavy off-road truck and few truly unique show-cars. I’ve been inspired by real vehicles, but tried not to copy them down to a bit. A good match with game standarts, diversity and uniqueness were my primary goals, hope you’ll enjoy the result.

This mod is an expansion for 11john11’s awesome LSSD Pack, keeps the same overall style and design.
LSSD Pack is not required for my mod to function, but is highly recommended and might become a requirement in future. It’s just a great mod, get it, for real, it’s worth it.

LSSD Pack Extended is composed of 15 models, all based on different vehicles LA Sheriff Department use or have used, from a promotion van and retro cruisers to heavy armored pickup and miniature show-car, plus some common vehicles to supplement 11john11’s pack. Do not expect carbon copies of real cars and equipment here – I was inspired by real models but didn’t copy them. Fun, diversity and uniqueness were my goals.

– Vehicles you won’t often see in police-themed mods
– Unique assets, many of those were made exclusively for this pack
– Detailed interiors and equipment
– Custom handling configurations
– Handmade LODs for everything
– Maximized usage of game features
– Multiple extras and liveries for most vehicles

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Vehicle models (spawn codes) list:
– sheriffsandking – Vapid Sandking TRU
– sheriffgauntlet – Bravado Gauntlet A/C
– sheriffriata – Vapid Riata Retro
– sheriffold2 – Albany Esperanto
– sheriffold3 – Declasse Brigham
– sheriffold4 – Declasse Voodoo
– sheriffmoon – Declasse Moonbeam
– sheriffoffroad – Vapid Sadler Sport
– sheriffinterceptor – Vapid Torrence
– sheriffblista – Dinka Blista
– sherifftraffic – Vapid Stanier
– sherifft – Brute Boxville Retro
– sheriffbuz – Nagasaki Buzzard
– sheriffb3 – Dinka Enduro
– sheriffshark – Speedophile Seashark

0.9 – initial release
0.9.1 – removed unused developer resources from carcols to prevent possible collisions, improved halogen amber flashers texture, fixed Blista naming (was Blista Compact), removed lights and sirens from Moonbeam to keep it working until LSSD Pack is updated
0.9.2 – the update log is way too long for description, so it can be found in comments and archive itself.


Full credits list
Special thanks to:
– Lorify community members and staff for warm and safe environment.
– Monkeypolice188 for research and documentation on audio configs.
– 11john11 for help, inspiration and huge amounts of reference images and videos.
– le_shark for teaching me how to Blender.
– PWNParksFan for his Live Lights plugin. It helped a lot in creating and testing emergency lights.
– Voit Tyruv for bug hunting and testing

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  1. We do not modify or edit the files in any way.
  2. We use only links from the official developer, they are 100% safe.
  3. If you have any questions about LSSD Pack Extended 2.0, please leave a comment below and we will help you.

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