Download LSSD Vapid Riata Search and Rescue [Add-On] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

LSSD Vapid Riata Search and Rescue [Add-On] 1.0

” If you ever get lost at Mount Gordo, this monstrosity will come to your rescue. With a massive V8 turbodiesel, the deputy will not hear your screams for help, so hope you are at least wearing some high visibility clothes.

LSSD Search and Rescue version of my civilian version. Enjoy!
Spawn name: riatasr


Rockstar for Riata
Bravo1Charlie for model edits, scaling down model, tuning parts, wheel edits, MDC.
Nacho and Jacobmaate for LS spec Valor
11john11 for Antennas, leds, interior parts, console, carcol.
actuallytoxic for spotlights, mdt screen
w/ for parts of the texture
alexanderlb for decals
Bob332 for the Riata2 handling

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rarSheriff Riata

5 MB