Download LUA Scripts Reloader 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

LUA Scripts Reloader 1.0

A few days ago I was looking here and on GTA Forums how to reboot LUA scripts ingame. Not finding anything specific (only suggestive examples) – I risked by myself write such code: [See attached archive & ScreenShots]. It seems that something happened. Scripts are reloading Now. You need to throw [scripts] folder from the archive in the root folder of the GTA 5 game and remove all unnecessary to you *.lua files, except main [again.lua] (if you want). Modify your Lua Script without turning off the game, save the *.lua file, return to the game and press in it on the key [F12] (can be changed) – and that’s all. Codes will reload.

Added as a bonus:
1.]Remove all weapons from all nearby peds (push button [K]);
2.]Give to all nearby peds a desired weapon (push button [U]) (write the desired hash-code for weapons in the script);
3.]Upgrade any vehicle to maximum stuff (push [Pause/Break] button);
4.]Call 3 BodyGuards (push [F11] button).

The code is very simple as it turned out, it works and it is important! Maybe to someone it will come in handy, I’m not special in programming, but many things may be changed there on the fly, the weapons of the Guard on the go and so on – I think it’s convenient. The example is in the video!!!

Need to be installed also for the proper work:
(Unzip and put *.dll files from the first and LUA_SDK.asi with the script folder, – from the second archive in your GTA V root folder, if haven’t done this yet).

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