Download M2014 Gauss Rifle Crysis 2 – Screenshots and Description:

M2014 Gauss Rifle Crysis 2

Replace the Railgun


1.Add Advanced Scope
2.9999 Max Ammo
3.4-round clip(Same as Crysis 2)
4.Extreme shot distance
5.Much more damage
6.Reduced recoil
7.Increased fire rate
8.Half reload time

Installation Instructions

1.Use OpenIV navigate to the following path
click on the Edit mode button near the top of the screen.
IMPOTANT: Remember to backup your files.
replace sw_ar_railgun.ytd & w_ar_railgun_hi.ydr with the two files included in the Models folder.

2.Navigate to the following path
IMPOTANT: Remember to backup your files first.
simply drag and drop everything in the Data folder into it.
(if you can’t do that just click on the green plus button (add new file) and choose everything in the Data folder).

Now you’re ready to have some fun!!


This Mod first created by yuri29971103
.meta files Reworked by Xanthus

Download mod

File File size

zipM2014 Gauss Rifle Crysis 2 v1.0

10 MB