Download M4A1 (Realoaded) v 1.2 – Screenshots and Description:

M4A1 (Realoaded) v1.2

1.2 UPDATE updated all textures, fixed all models
1.1 UPDATE: I’ve added a no rail version and new textures for that terrible green scope and grip, and created a silencer that will work on the M4. However, if you chose to use this silencer your bullpup assault rifle uses the same model so the bullpup AR will no longer support a suppressor.
Pick and chose I guess.
*The silencer works in cut scenes.
Oh, and everything is still fully animated. Enjoy.
This adds a standard issue M4A1 that replaces the carbine rifle. It is fully animated, and can be used by npc’s with no issues. Let me know what you think and if there’s any issues.
Note: Because of the handle and the different type of barrel the silencer and the scope are going to look weird on it. Everything else is fine though.

Follow the reame for installation.
Thanks Heffy for the model.


Davo + Heffy

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