Download M53 Gas Mask [Flip Up & Down] [EUP] 1.1 (Singleplayer path added) – Screenshots and Description:

M53 Gas Mask [Flip Up & Down] [EUP] 1.1 (Singleplayer path added)

Here is the M53 Gasmask. This download include two variants. One normal pulled down mask and one pulled up. Enjoy.

For FiveM drag the files into EUP stream. If you dont have an EUP stream you can make one by creating a folder and in that folder placing an empty resource lua and a stream folder where the files go. If running on FiveM server you are required a key for the EUP to work!


Do this in OPENIV

Grand Theft Auto V

Drag and drop into this folder. (Make sure to toggles it to a mods folder so it doesnt overright the orginal files).



Download mod

File File size

rarM53Gaskmask Flip Up & Down 1.1

17 MB